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Prayer Requests

November 23, 2022

Derrick Williams

& Ebonia Williams & Family

Sister Felicia Wasson and Family

Sister Onnette Mitchell

The family of Curtis Crump

Ken and Vicki Schnepp

The family of Howard Allen Shaw Sr.

Keith Foster & Family

The family of Richard Wright

Mother Cheryl Poplar & Family

The family of Ruthie Bryant

Sister Sasha Gaskin

Sister Landis Lain & Family

Nikia Loving Grandville & Family

The Family of Tony Benavides

The Family of Pastor Cora Duncan

The Family of Paul Scholtz

Sister Paula Clark

The Family of

 Joan Jackson Johnson

The Gaskin-Graves-Arnold Family

Nana Maxine Cain

Susan Buchholtz and Family

Johnathan Hall

The Family of LaRae Griggs

Matthew Sherrod, Jr.

Tom Holcomb

Pascal Kamdem

The family of Allen Shaw

The family of Margaret Allen

Ron Lebbon

Susan DeRosa

Yvonne Williams

The Family of

Mother Jimmie Springs

The Family of Phyllis Williams

Brother Arthur Williams

The Niece of Rev. Shareef

Sister Jnaubah Harris

Sister Lucy Stevenson

Mark Curry and Family

The Family of Mark Sanders

Harold Smith & Family

Khadejah Andrews & Family

Pastor Bridget Brown

Rivers of Life Church

The Cain Family

Daryl Hibbert & Family

The Family of Paulette Soule

The Family of Shirley Scott

The Family of Florida Franklin

Chioma Ekpo and Family

Phil Denny & Brother Pratt

Chermel Bluitt & Family

Mohamed Ismail

Sister Tama’s cousins Alex and Rachel

Pat & Dave Hazen

The Bibbs Family

The Family of Breonna Taylor

Jacob Blake & Family

Dr. Tonya Bailey

Ursela Henry

Curlada Eure Harris

Adrienne Jones

Kathy & Shakira Smith

Diane Spicer

Barbara James

Pamela Armstrong English

Keith & Tracy Adams

Kim Binker

James & Roseann Graves

April Jones

The Acosta Family

The Family Diana Swoop

Audrey Hamilton

Diana Love

The family of Anita O'Neal

The family of Sherri Lawson

The Haller Family

Terrion Williamson

The Robinson Family

Willie Mae Gaskin

Jason Jackson


Desmond Crayton


John Fuqua

The Family of Shondricka Jones

Jamie Griggs

The Gee Family

Hannah’s House

Michael & Monique Powers

Jamie Walls

Raine K. L. Johnson

Conscience Lewis

The Family of Charles Watts

Beverly Johnson & Family

The Family of Mother Bright

Gabrielle Gaskin

Sister Yvonne Hall

Mother Elmira Henley

Loretta Henley

Antanasio Ruiz and Family

Elaine VandeBunte

Family of Kelli Cross

Jerry and Paula Metts

LaVelle Gipson Tansil

Barbara Reeves

Karen Corley

Diana Terry

Venetia Brown

Na’im Rhodes

Kinney Rhodes

Taris Bluit

Tea Pearson

The Family of Enam Dudley

The Gibbs Family

Malinda Thomas

Shela Motley & Family

Lillian Vaughn and Family

M. Holcomb

Aversa Radford

Prayers for all the teachers, students and staff who have to return to school in person.

Families that having Financial issues from the Pandemic

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