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About Us

Hello and welcome to St. Stephen's Community Church, United Church of Christ where we listen, believe, and do God's work to learn, teach, and create strong and committed disciples. "No matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here." We are blessed with diverse gatherings form all walks of life seeking to engage God and God's people. 


Our Mission

The mission of St. Stephen’s Community Church, United Church of Christ is to be welcoming and supportive of all, while sharing boundless faith and being practitioners of the Word. We also want to express a dynamic worship and praise so that we can build a relationship with the Holy Trinity. We want to be committed to Christian love and service by becoming advocates of social justice, inclusiveness, and peace. 

As members of St. Stephen’s Community Church, United Church of Christ, we covenant with one another to affirm God’s call to our common vision and mission.

Our Vision

As members of St. Stephen’s Community Church, United Church of Christ, we covenant with one another to affirm God’s call to our common vision, mission, and areas of ministry. We commit ourselves to this covenant as a lifelong challenge in specific areas according to each individual talents. 


We aim to expand the stewardship ministry of the church while utilizing our gifts, talents, and resources to help those in need. We will work with one another to create a safe haven that supports and encourages continued renewal of spiritual growth. We will proclaim the love, compassion, justice, and peace of Jesus Christ for all people through our various ministries. 


We will reinforce ministries that address all age groups; children, youth, adults, and seniors-wisdom bearers. We will focus on celebrating God through special praise, worship, and music. We will seek to live out common vision, mission, and ministries both individually and collectively, as led by God.

Our Values

We value all people under the sun and all those created in the image and likeness of God. Hoping to spread the love of Jesus Christ, we value all forms of worship and praise. God works through us in different ways and we'd love to hear how He works in and through you! 


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Metal Cross

Reverend Sameerah L. Shareef, M. Div.

Senior Pastor

Rev. Sameerah L. Shareef has served St. Stephen's Community Church in various ministries since 1996. She has served as a Deacon, Youth Minister, Girl's Rites of Passage director, Women's Minister, Associate Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Transition Pastor, and now serves as Senior Pastor.

Rev. Shareef holds a Bachelors Degree from Michigan State University, a Master's in Nursing from Case-Western Reserve University, and a Master's of Divinity from Chicago Theological Seminary. She has served the Mid-Michigan area as a Maternal Child Nursing professional since 1986 and Certified Nurse-Midwife since 1993.

She is a mother of three children, grandmother of eight, and a great-grandmother of four. "There is no greater, more noble vocation than motherhood. It's the best job I've ever done!"

She has a love for the uplift of people and for the pursuit of the beloved community that God wants us to live in. Her greatest joy is in the Lord and the life that she has been blessed with as a result.

Reverend Charles Corley, PhD

Associate Pastor & Outreach Community Developer

Rev. Charles Corley joined St. Stephen's Community Church in 1993, became a deacon in 1997, and later became a United Church of Christ licensed minister and member of the SSCC ministerial team in 2003. Rev. Corley has served as Chairperson Board of Directors of the Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ and various other capacities.

Rev. Corley is a member of the Criminal Justice Faculty at Michigan State University whose research and  other works focus upon diversity issues surrounding justice.

He is the father of 4 children and a grandfather of 2. He currently resides in the state of Michigan.

"Life, love, joy, and laughter are necessary ingredients."


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