Community Outreach

The goal of the community outreach program is to provide services that include education, workshops, referrals, social interaction, and family activities. These services are administered to all age groups. St. Stephen's wants to give back to the community. We use evangelism and hospitality to assist people in the community.

  • Evangelism spreads the word of Jesus Christ to all people. The method used to spread the word includes preaching, teaching, committing missionary work, and the sharing of faith throughout the community.

  • Hospitality assignments include the responsibility of promoting and extending to all a feeling of welcomeness, fellowship, and the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Carol J. Greer Learning Center

  • Homeless Ministry


A group of church musicians who plan vocal and instrumental performances for our church and other events. Music at our church is made up of a bell choir, a dance team, and a music team.

  • Led by Minister of Music Brysien Beer

  • Music Team consists of a group of gifted individuals who serve God through voice and instrument to uplift the congregation. This group is designed to worship through music using it to inspire, direct, and encourage others.

  • Dance is used to present a form of praise, prayer, and spiritual expression through body movement.

Christian Education

St. Stephen's Community Church offers Christian Education in a variety of ways, both traditional and contemporary. The purpose of Christian Education is to enable and empower people with in-depth study, interpretation and principles for living a life that reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are preparing disciples of Jesus Christ and the world as commanded by Him.

  • Sunday Worship 10:00 AM

  • Tuesday Bible Study 7:00 PM

  • Wednesday Bible Study 12:00 PM

  • Thursday Facebook Live Bible Study 8:00 PM

Church Leadership

Church leaders play a big role at St. Stephens. They work together to make sure the church is functioning properly. They’re responsible for helping, guiding, and providing assistance when needed. Our church leaders are made up of our pastors, the Executive Council, the Deacon board, and the Board of Trustees.

  • Our Pastors Reverend Sameerah Shareef, Reverend Charles J. Corley

  • Executive Council is the governing body of St. Stephen’s Community Church.

  • Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs of the church.

  • Deacon Board is responsible for assisting our Pastors. Other responsibilities consist of preparing and administering Holy Communion, assisting with Baptism, teaching the Bible, visiting and ministering to those who are sick or shut-in, and helping new members.

Pastoral Care

St. Stephen's Community Church offers pastoral care to individuals and families as they live their daily lives through the ministers and deacons that serve here. Assistance is offered with day to day needs as well as times of crisis. Contact the church office for more information at (517) 484-2180.

Specialty Teams

Our specialty teams provide skills that meet particular needs for ministry work that is done at St. Stephen's. These leaders are part of the support network that make our church functional.

  • Women's Ministry

  • Youth Ministry

  • Social Justice Team

  • Missionary Team

  • Ushers and Greeters

  • Nominating Committee Team

  • Stewardship Team

  • Technology and Communication Team

  • Special Events Team